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A retrospective of medallic art and small sculpture
Leonda Froehlich Finke (1922–2017) is a preeminent American figurative artist. Known for sculpture of varying size and drawing, this comprehensive exhibit of small-scale sculpture celebrates Finke, who passed away in spring 2017.
September 16th - October 28th • 2017
An exhibition of Japanese traditional yuzen dye and embroidery techniques featuring popular foods.
Exhibition organized by Daisuke Kakehashi and supported by the Kyoto Traditional Dye Technique Preservation Society.
Featuring the work of: Takashi Higashida • Hisae Kakehashi • Yukihide Sekiya • Masanori Sonobe
September 16th - October 28th • 2017
at The New Approach Contemporary Medallic Art Research Center
An exhibit from the collections of Dr. Jay M. Galst and Dr. Ira Rezak with contemporary medals by international artists.
September 2017 through July 2018