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Medallic Images Of War:
Death and Destruction 1850–1950
Recent medallic art by gallery artists
Jeffrey Briggs, Lindley Briggs, Consuelo de la Cuadra, Eugene Daub, Maria João Ferreira, Marion Held, Keiko Kubota-Miura, Mashiko, Michael Meszaros, Bogomil Nikolov, Andreia Pereira, Ann Shaper Pollack, Polly Purvis, José Simaõ, Jeanne Stevens-Sollman, Geer Steyn, Virág Szabó, Tsutomu Tamura, Susan Taylor, José Teixeira
February 9th • 2019 - March 23rd • 2019
Table-top and small wall sculpture by gallery artists
Helder Batista, Robert Donahue, João Duarte, Dan Fialdini, Thomas Gasiewski, Marion Held, Kunio Iizuka, Hitoshi Kimura, Mashiko, Charles McCleary, Barry Parker, Polly Purvis, José Simaõ, Mitsuo Takaya, Masayuki Takemoto, Tsutomu Tamura, Elsa Tarantal, Sohta Watanabe
February 9th • 2019 - March 23rd • 2019
at The New Approach Contemporary Medallic Art Research Center
Curated by Scott Miller from the collections of David Simpson, Scott Miller, Normand Pépin, Dr. Jay Galst, Michael Parris, Dr. Ira Rezak, Frederic Withington
September 2018 through July 2019